The 3 Best Holographic Sights – and 7 Features To Look For

holographic deer, best holographic sights pixabay CC0 public domain imageHolographic sights are among the most popular sighting devices used on firearms. These gadgets illuminate a 3-D reticle recorded on holographic film and superimpose it over a desired target. They use laser technology and lenses to project the reticle such that it appears to be etched several yards in front of the viewer. Finding the best holographic sights can prove beneficial for any hunter.

What to Look for in a Holographic Sight – 7 Features

1. Lack of Parallax Error

Holographic sights are less prone to parallax error. The best part about them is that shooters can keep both eyes open when firing a weapon, in order to maintain high situational awareness. These sighting devices also assist in fast target acquisition and they have a fine center dot for accurate shot placement.Despite the many benefits they offer, holographic sights are not created equal. There are many models to choose from and therefore buyers need to know what features to look for in a good holographic sight.

2. Purpose

The first consideration to keep in mind when shopping for the best holographic sight is its intended purpose. Holosights are designed for either law enforcement or hunting. Features and benefits vary depending on the type of sight you choose to buy. A military sight for instance won’t have the kind of features that a hunter would want. In addition, if you intend to use your sight after the sun has set, then it should have night vision mode or be compatible with image intensifier tubes that use this technology.

3. Durability

A good holographic sight is designed with durability in mind. If you want your device to last, look for one that is shockproof, water resistant, fog-proof and temperature proof. Weapon sights designed as such will withstand the vagaries of outdoor use.

4. Battery Life

Pixabay CC0 Public Domain holographic sight vs red dot sightIt’s also important to know about the battery life of an holosight. Manufacturers tend to estimate how many hours users can get from any particular sight. Ideally, look for a holographic sight model that uses long lasting AA batteries since they are affordable, easy to find and portable enough to carry on hunting trips.

5. Optic Quality

Another vital aspect to take into account when looking to buy a holographic sight is the quality of optics. A good sight should provide a clear reticle image that can be seen even if it is raining or snowing. To eliminate tunnel vision and blind spots in your periphery vision, go for an holographic sight with a wide viewing window.

6. Additional Features

Holographic sights with built-in microprocessors offer a host of additional functions that make them convenient and easy to use. For example, scopes with a microchip often come with the ability to program auto shutdown, adjust brightness of the reticle or indicate battery level.

7. Price

Lastly, price is also an important consideration when shopping for holographic sights. Electronic weapon sights are generally not costly. However, don’t just settle for the cheapest unit. The least expensive models may help you save some money, but cheaper products tend to break easily. Therefore, it is advisable to do a little research and compare several models before deciding which holographic sight to settle for.

Top 3 Best Holographic Sights Suggestions

When looking to buy any product, it is always prudent to choose a reputable brand. EOTech, the major manufacturer of holographic diffraction sights, and is known for producing high quality weapon sights. So, if you’re having problems deciding which holographic sight to buy, here are three top rated models from this brand.

EOTec XPS2-0
8.8 / 10
EOTech's 512.A65
9.2 / 10
EOTech's 518.A65
9.6 / 10

#1: EOTech XPS2-0

Best Holographic Sights - EOTech XPS2-0The EOTec XPS2-0 holographic sight is designed to deliver great performance in close quarter engagements under 100yards. Shooters will be able to quickly pick up targets within 10-15yards thanks to the 65 MOA outer ring. The fine center dot further increases precision since it maintains size even when you use the sight’s 1x magnification. This sight uses a single 123-lithium battery that can offer 500-600hours at full brightness. With one less battery required, the sight leaves some extra rail space on top of the firearm. Consequently, this allows users to co-witness with iron sights or attach other accessories.


      • Zero parallax error
      • High clarity optics
      • Unlimited eye relief
      • Fairly rugged design


      • Shorter battery life compared to other sights in the market
      • The CR123 battery it uses is harder to find and more expensive than standard N-cell or AA batteries
      • Lacks night vision function

#2: EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight

Best Holographic Sights - EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon SightTouted for being one of the most popular EOTech holographic sights, the 512.A65 Tactical model is feature rich and reasonably priced. This model is ideal for close quarter combat where speed and versatility are paramount. It is not compatible with night vision technology but has several features that are worth considering.

“The best feature of EOTechs 512.A65 holographic sight
is an on-board microprocessor. This computerized chip
offers a programmable auto-shutdown function of 4 or
8 hours, battery indicators and up to 20
brightness levels.”


Featuring rugged aluminum housing, The EOTech 512.A65 tactical halo sight is built to last. Setting up the sight on a firearm is easy thanks to the tool free mounting bolt. It is submersible up to 10 feet under water and has tight sealing to resist damage due to fog.  Not that you will be using this under water, but the fact is that rain or snow should not be an issue if it gets wet. The sight can resist temperatures of between -40 and 160F when stored or -20-150F during operation.

To prevent damage from falls and knocks, the internal components are fully engulfed in a shock absorbing resin compound. This means that while mounted, you do not need to be worried about bumping it on anything while you are carrying or transporting it. What’s more, the thick rear window has a shatter resistant laminate, while the front window features scratch resistant and anti-glare coatings to ensure crystal-clear viewing in any weather conditions.

EOTech’s 512.A65 tactical halo sight runs on two 1.5V AA batteries. With alkaline AA batteries, you can get up to 600hours of continuous use. Lithium batteries can extend the run time to 1000hours of continuous use when using the nominal setting.


      • Shockproof, fogproof, waterproof and temperature proof design
      • High clarity optics with anti-glare and scratch resistant design
      • Operates on easy to find and long lasting AA batteries
      • Comes with built-in microprocessor


      • Not compatible with night vision devices

#3: Non-Night Vision Compatible 518.A65 EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight

Best Holographic Sights - Non-Night Vision Compatible 518.A65 EOTech Holographic Weapon SightEOTech’s 518.A65 model was designed to enhance aiming by utilizing visible IR lasers. The sight uses EOTech’s new drop-in Laser Battery Caps. It also has easy to reach side buttons for reducing rail space when attaching an EOTech magnifier.

Much like the EOTech 512.A65 tactical halo sight, this model is also water resistant up to 10 feet, has 20-daylight settings, and is compatible with weaver rails. You can use lithium, alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries on this sight. The sight can provide 600 or 1000hours of continuous use depending on the type of batteries you choose.


      • 68 MOA ring and 1 MOA center dot facilitate fast target acquisition
      • Runs on AA batteries that are easy to find
      • Fairly rugged design
      • Adjustable brightness settings


      • Non-night vision compatible


Keep in mind that there are many other holographic sights other than those suggested above. However, these top rated models offer the best balance between price and features. Make sure to read customer reviews and compare all features side by side in order to determine which one among the best holographic sights mentioned will serve your specific needs!

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