7 Recurve Bow Accessories: A Must Have List

7 Recurve Bow Accessories: A Must Have List

Recurve bow accessories come in many options. Some are said to be a necessity for all archers, while others are only applicable to archers with a certain level of expertise. Then there are a few accessories that although can be helpful, and are not considered a must-have, as archers can easily do without them.

For those new to archery, finding the most important accessories can be time-consuming. Combing through all available options for the recurve bow can also get a little confusing. So, to help clear things up, here is a list of the essential recurve bow accessories that every archer, whether experienced or otherwise, should buy. With these accessories, you may enjoy a more fun, accurate, and safe target shooting or bow hunting experience.

The 7 Must-Have Recurve Bow Accessories

AccessoryOur ChoicePriceLink
Arrows12 pack Victory Trophy 350 Arrows
NocksBohning Classic Nock
Broad headsCarbon Express Nativ 100gr Broadhead
Shooting GlovesNeet Suede Shooting Glove
Arrow RestToparchery Archery Furriery arrow rest
Bow ReleaseCompound Bow Release
QuiverHikingworld High-grade Matte Velvet

#1: 12 Victory Trophy Hunter 350 Arrows

Unless you are an archery fanatic who buys bows for display, your recurve bow will be completely useless without the arrows to use it with. This therefore makes arrows the most important accessory to get for your bow. And what better option than the 12 pack Victory Trophy 350 Arrows?

Offered at a very affordable price, these arrows not only make your bow usable. They also allow you the pleasure of enjoying unbeatable accuracy, fast speeds, and pin drop silence. This high performance is all made possible by a no-glass carbon fiber construction. It results in a shaft that is so light, strong, quiet, and deadly that it flees the bow towards the target at a dead straight line. There is an error margin of just +/- .006” to its flight trueness. Therefore, when it comes to ensuring accuracy, the Victory Trophy Hunger 350 arrows are your best bet. They allow you to hit your targets dead on.

Another loveable feature of the Victory Trophy Hunter 350 arrows is that it fits all bow types as well as archer preferences. This is thanks to its lengthy size of 31.25” and removable inserts. They allow users to cut down the arrows to their desired length.

#2: Bohning Classic Nock (100 Count)

Although often overlooked by most archers, a nock is an important accessory. It performs the vital task of holding an arrow in place on the bowstring. This task is crucial, as it gives an arrow a chance of going where you want it to when you release it. The ability of a nock to hold an arrow in place also helps to ensure that the protruding parts of the arrow (i.e. fletchings) do not nick your bow hand. This occasionally happens as the arrow flies from the bowstring towards whatever target you are aiming at. Given the value of this accessory, it is advisable that you select a good quality nock. Such quality can be seen in the Bohning Classic Nock, which will not disappoint.

The Bohning Classic Nock has been the most popular nock for traditional bows for over 30 years. Therefore, you can be sure that it performs its purpose excellently. The nock has an innovative design that includes an indexed build for proper alignment with the arrow’s fletching. Also, it sports a throat that holds onto the string until the very last moment before the arrow is released. This design offers just the right fit and pinch to ensure accurate and powerful shots while preventing a dry fire from the bow. An additional bonus for this nock type is that it is sold in packs of 100. They come in black, red, white, and yellow colors.

The major downside to the Bohning Classic nock is that it will not make an ideal fit for all archers. This is because it is designed to be used on wooden shafts only and comes in just 2 sizes (11/32” & 5/16”).

#3: Carbon Express Nativ 100 Broadhead, 100 Grain Weight, 3-Pack

A broadhead can best be described as a large cutting tool attached at the tip of an arrow shaft. This archery accessory is mostly used for hunting. They render it difficult for prey to stagger away to safety after being hit by an arrow.

When broadhead hunting, most archers look for a unit that has a high cutting efficiency, creates a strong impact, and does not weigh down the arrow causing it to lose direction during flight. The Carbon Express Nativ 100gr Broadhead offers these 3 benefits and more! The broadhead features a 2-blade style, which although simple compared to other models, does a great job. The blades are well made, thick, sharp, and feature aircraft-grade aluminium ferrule for superior lightweight strength. Thanks to this combination of features, the Carbon Express Native 100gr Broadheads make deadly hunting tools.

“100 grain tips, both field points and broad heads, are what we recommend.  You want both your field tip and broad head to weigh the same so when you switch from target practice to hunting, there is no difference in weight.”

When the broadhead manages to hit the targeted prey, the sharpness of the blades leave a deep cut. Usually, this provides the hunter with an easy-to-follow blood trail. The lightweight build of the broadhead in turn allows for fast arrow speeds that make a great impact when an arrow hits your intended target. Some users even claim to have shot their arrow right through their targets.

The unique build of the Carbon Express Nativ 100gr Broadhead also offer the benefits of:

  • Preventing arrows from deviating from their line of flight
  • Unlimited versatility that allows you to use the broadheads on a wide range of bows whether they have low or high draw weights
  • Making it possible to use a single broadhead several times over

#4: Neet Suede Shooting Glove

Archery gloves are good recurve bow accessories to have around. They protect your fingers from painful blisters and other potential injuries that can impede your release. While archery gloves come in a variety of options, the best models are those that offer adequate protection without getting in the way of your draw and release. One such model is the 3-finger Neet Suede Shooting glove, which is designed for the bowstring hand.

This glove is made of a suede material with soft-grain leather tips and a hook-and-loop wrist strap. The suede material is a huge plus as it is soft on the hands and has a high level of sensitivity, allowing the user to feel the bowstring. Thanks to this sensitivity, using this glove means you will be able to enjoy a smooth release that will help to increase your chances of accurately firing your arrow.

The touch of leather, in turn, offers great protection while the hook-and-loop wrist straps enable you to achieve a snug fit. It all ensures you remain comfortable while wearing the glove. Another nice touch to this glove is that it can be worn on either hand. It comes in a variety of sizes to ensure every archer enjoys a comfortable fit.

#5: Toparchery Archery Furriery Arrow Rest for Right Hand or Left Hand

If you will be practicing archery on a regular basis, an arrow rest is something you will want to install on your bow. Arrow rests help to enhance your accuracy by offering a stable release platform. These prevent the arrow from wobbling during its flight to the target. And when it comes to finding the best arrow rest for a recurve bow, the Toparchery Archery Furriery arrow rest would make a perfect fit for any archer.

In addition to being specially designed for the recurve bow, the Toparchery Archery Furriery arrow rest can be used by both left and right-handed archers. This makes it an ideal fit for literally anyone. What’s more, this Toparchery arrow rest is made of high-grade sealskin leather. Leather features a smooth surface that reduces the resistance of the arrows. An arrow rest holds an arrow securely in the same position regardless of the angle of the bow. Therefore, regardless of how you use your bow, you can count on this arrow rest to keep your arrows stable throughout the draw period. It ensures a more accurate shot, and is therefore an important recurve bow accessory.

Other pros of the Toparchery Archery Furriery arrow rest include the fact that it:

  • Features a self-adhesive backing that makes it very easy to install
  • Has a long lifespan since the sealskin material does not shed easily
  • Can be transported easily as it comes with its own independent packaging
  • Comes at a very affordable price of under $10

#6: The Compound Bow Release from Junxing

Naturally, it takes a beginner archer a lot of practice to master how to shoot a bow cleanly. And, even after all that practice, the expertise gained does not come anywhere close to the level of accuracy that bow releases are known to offer. For this reason, it is wise to invest in an effective bow release accessory. For example, look at the Compound Bow Release with Adjustable Strap and Trigger Wrist Steel Caliper. When you start practicing archery, this accessory will be incredibly beneficial.

Ideal for both beginners and experienced archers, this bow release allows you make consistent clean shots whenever you take your bow out for hunting or target practice. The bow release features a Posi lock hook up design. This allows you to enjoy easy and fast attachment of the accessory to your bowstring. As for the actual release, this accessory uses the popular wrist caliper-style mechanism. According to users, this works great as it is easy to draw back and has just the right amount of sensitivity. The release also rotates 360 degrees and can be lengthened to suit the size of the user’s hand.

With this Trigger Wrist Strap Steel Caliper style bow release, you also get to enjoy a snug and comfortable fit. This is thanks to the accessory’s adjustable wrist strap. It features a soft felt padding that is easy on the wrist and 8 positioning holes that ensure a perfect fit for different users. However, users claim that this bow release may not fit individuals with large hands. The release runs a little short even after being lengthened.

#7: The High-grade Matte Velvet Three Arrow Quiver from Hikingworld

A quiver is one of those recurve bow accessories that will do you a world of good. True, especially, if you will be using your bow for hunting. Quivers, which usually come in bag or container designs, offer you the advantage of conveniently holding all your arrows together in an easy-to-reach area that offers you quick access to a new arrow whenever you are ready to make your next shot. For hunters, the easy accessibility of arrows can help make it easier to hit a fast moving target.

One quiver that does its job excellently is the Hikingworld High-grade Matte Velvet model, which is designed to hold up to 24 arrows measuring 25-30 inches in length. This quiver is made of a high quality velvet material, which despite being durable makes the quiver easy to carry. In addition, this quiver’s material offers the additional benefit of protecting your arrows from damage (including water-induced damage) while they are in storage. This is unlike other quivers, which usually focus on offering a holding area for your arrows.

The best highlight of this quiver however is its design. It includes a shoulder strap that allows you to sling the quiver over your back. This allows for much quicker access to your arrows. And the best part is that you can adjust the strap to achieve a snug fit, making it even easier to pull one arrow after the next.

What’s more, the quiver’s design includes a Velcro strap on the inside. This Velcro serves the purpose of holding your arrows in place while you are on the move. You may only enjoy the benefits of this High-grade Mate Velvet quiver from Hikingworld if you are a right-handed archer.


So, there you have them. These are the various recurve bow accessories that you will want right from the first time you use your bow. Since each accessory serves its own special purpose, having all listed items will enable you to enjoy a wholesome archery experience. However, if you will not be using your bow for hunting, you can do without the broadhead accessory.

Shooting a recurve bow takes dedication and patience to master.  Along with that, it is always good to explore different recurve bow accessories along the way in order to figure out what works best for you.  For me its kind of like collecting stamps or model cars.  It’s a great past time that I am constantly learning from and expanding my skill set.

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