Purpose And Advantages Of Bean Bag Shotgun Shells

Bean bag shotgun shells are less lethal rounds that can be fired from a shotgun with the purpose of apprehending suspects. The purpose of these shells is not to kill, but to maim, to disable, and to limit movement.


Bean bag shells

These shells are made from a fabric bean bag. This bag is then filled with #9 lead shots that weight approximately 40 grams. These shells can be loaded into a 12 gauge shotgun. When the gun is shot, the bag will be expelled at a speed of about ninety meters per second. The shots will spread and its impact will be distributed over an area of about six square meters of the target. Due to their speed and weight, they will deliver quite a blow. Though this ammunition does not penetrate the body, it can cause some trauma and muscle spasms. The shot also produces a loud sound which is enough to confuse and daze the suspects for a short time. They are therefore used by police officers during riots to immobilize individuals without killing or seriously hurting them.


These shells are less lethal than other shell types such as black powder shotgun shells. However, they can be quite painful. They are used in the following situations:

1. Immobilize individuals during a riot.

2. Immobilizing individuals who are resisting arrest.

3. Maiming or disabling a suspect before apprehension.

4. Disabling people who are a danger to themselves or to others, such as suicidal individuals.

5. They are sometimes used for home defense by people who would like to incapacitate trespassers without killing them or seriously injuring them.

6. They can also be used for sport shooting.


1. They are quite fast and accurate.

2. They are less lethal than other types of ammunition.

3. They are easy and cheap to make

4. They are great for shooting practice as there is little risk of killing or seriously injuring a person.

5. They are a great compromise for people who are against possession of lethal ammunition but who would still like to protect themselves.


Bean bag shells are effective and non-lethal. They are inexpensive and also very easy to use. The bean bag shells are a lesser evil for individuals who argue that security officers and individuals should not have lethal guns. They are not meant to kill, but they can seriously maim and disable individuals. Though the impact of the bean bag shell can be traumatic, it is rarely ever serious enough to require any emergency medical attention.

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