Bear Compound Bow Reviews: Threat, Finesse, and Cruzer

Bear Compound Bow Reviews: Threat, Finesse, and Cruzer

Bear Compound bows have come a long way from the traditional roots of archery.  Their finesse, beauty, and overall high performance are a testament to the Bear brand.  We want to take a broad look at three of their models and discuss the best Bear compound bow reviews. We’ll look closely at the Threat, Finesse, and Cruzer.

But before we do that, we’d like to give a little background on what the evolution of bow hunting looks like.  We’ll look at what the very original bow may have been made from and how we can appreciate all of the aspects that go into a quality piece of equipment.

Brief Design History

Hunting for food was the key factor that led to the emergence of archery and the use of the bow and arrow. The early man modified fresh timber, to be precise; a tall fresh branch from a tree. It was bent to form a curved angle on the branch. Then a string was then used to join up the two curved ends, and it was used to allow a base area for the drawing of the arrow. That was the early man’s bow. Many of the early hunters had great success with this method.

Evolution of the Hunt

In today’s world, when compared to early man’s life, the bow has other uses besides hunting for food. What do I mean with other uses? As we all know that in the BC era, man was not exposed to the technology we have today. His survival depended on hunting for food, which means he had to kill other wild animals.

The capture of the fast running animals like the rabbits, gazelles, and dear was a hard score, so he had to stalk them when they were busy feeding or asleep. He used a spear, but it was not all that efficient for the strike since it was heavy, and required a lot of energy to be thrown. Spears also did not have good accuracy. This was the reason that led to the discovery of the bow and arrow, which outdid spear use for hunting activity. The bottom line is that, for our ancestors, the bow was mostly subjected to hunting.

Besides Just Hunting

Unlike those days, the 20th century the use of bow has been deployed in various fields. For example, in the sports field, we have bow archery. Bow archery are games whereby the participants make use of modernized bows, like the bear Finesse, to shoot the projectile to a target board. The distance has been measured and standardized from the target board to the participants settled point. A winner of the game is determined with accurate projections on the target board.

Wildlife hunting is still carried in some parts of the world, not only for food but also as a sport. Some people hunt fast running animals just for fun. For these challenge especially small, quick and agile animals, one needs a robust, swift and accurate bow that does not make a lot of noise. The bear compound bow contains all those characteristics, so it’s the most widely used bow type under these activities.

Picking a Compound Bow

If you are a newbie to the compound bow market, selecting the best model can be very confusing. There are over a hundred models with different brands available in the market. Also, it can be hard to distinguish between a real smart design and clever marketing. Note that when shopping you are supposed to disregard technology as a factor when categorizing the features of a hunting bow. However, manufacturers advertise their materials by placing scientific words for the features contained in the tool. This makes your shopping difficult, as you are unable to determine the best option.

There are a lot of marketing ploys from different companies who claim to have a technological advancement in their archery. This article, on the other hand, is made to help you (yes, you) find a good compound bow. It entails good review information from the best Bear compound bows that have been tested, proven and used by professionals. You will be given the broad knowledge of the different types of bear compound bows available in the market. This will help inform you which would be the most useful in your hunting experience.

Before we have a review on the best Bear compound bows which one should look out for when buying, let’s take a look at the reasons as to why you need a bear compound bow.

3 Reasons To Prefer a Bear Compound Bow


    • It caters to all people

      Are you a beginner or an experienced hunter? There are bows for beginners and also an adjustment for them, likewise to the experienced fellas. Whether your new to the sport or not, Bear compound bows have got your level of experience covered.

    • The variety of compound bows

      There is something for everyone, regarding size, strength, and age, unlike other types of bows. Most bows do have variable draw weights and draw lengths but it still takes a proportionate build to make those features suitable.

    • High level of accuracy

      If you have not tested a Bear compound bow, then you’re missing out! You have not yet experienced the best of the best in terms of accuracy. On a good aim with the correct draw weight, you get to have 98.9% probability of a perfect hit on your target.


Bear Compound Bow Qualities to Consider

As a review, a shooter should look for the following aspects when reviewing any bear compound bow.

  1. Flexibility in Draw Weight – The more flexibility in draw weight it is, the broader the usability. Non-flexible ones, however, may be just as useful if they already ideally match a shooter’s draw weight.
  2. Size – The smaller the bow, the easier the storage. Large bows, however, are easier to handle.
  3. Design – is the crossbow embarrassing to pull out of your hunting arsenal? Or is it desirable to your eyes and increase its talk?


Models of Bear Compound Bow Reviewed


Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow with RealTree Edge Finish

This Cruzer bow is designed, tested, and produced to meet the needs of any hunter. The size and adaptability generally make it good for anyone. Draw length extends from 12 to 30 inches. Also with a variable draw weight that can go as high as 70 lbs. and all the way down to 5 lbs. The new Cruzer bow comes with the latest high-quality accessories, and can be said to be the last bow that you need to buy.

Trophy Ridge provides these qualities of the bow.

  • weight of 3 lbs
  • speed of 315fps
  • brace height of 6.5”


  • Legitimately fun to shoot!
  • Cost effective kit with many extras.
  • Has lots of room to grow that is the draw length and the weight range.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is light in weight.


  • The bow’s spare parts are not common unless from the manufacturer.


The Bear Archery Finesse

Bear Archery Finesse

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Next up is the Finesse, which is designed to satisfy the needs of female shooters. It comprises of an easy-spinning single cam system, an ultra-smooth draw cycle, and powerful Bear Flared Quad limbs which provide total confidence in the field. The finesse also features shock-free function, an efficient stance, and a silent release that female shooters demand.

Its qualities are as follows.

  • speed of 285fps
  • weight 3LBS
  • brace height 7”
  • axle-to-axle 28 5/8”
  • peak draw of 30-40 lbs or 40-50 lbs
  • draw length 23”-28”
  • let off of 80%


  • Easy to use
  • High performance
  • Silent on release
  • It is affordable
  • Easily adjustable


  • Modeled to favor one sex; draw weight may not be ideal for some males


The Threat RTH

Bear Archery Threat RTH

Image Courtesy of Amazon

With the many tools around shooter exposure, the Threat RTH is the do-all machete created for daily hunting since the merit of it is a fat wallet and a massive meat freezer. It is designed to bring the lethal speed and fine aesthetics expected from a bow three times its price. The lightweight, balanced feel helps it achieve its title of one of the best performing bows. The Threat RTH brings the competition to other bow users!

Noteworthy stats are as follows.

  • speed 330fps
  • weight 41lbs
  • brace height 61/4”
  • axle-to-axle 32 I/4”
  • draw length 25” – 30”
  • let off 80%
  • peak draw weight of either 50-60 lbs or 60-70 lbs


  • Nice smooth draw
  • Quiet when loosened
  • It has a good range
  • Light weight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Cheap to maintain


  • Has a short valley.
  • Has a low flexibility state.



There are numerous compound bow models for every age, aiming from the teens to the old. It goes without saying that if you want the best model of a bear compound bow, the Bear Archery Cruzer is the answer.  It is for all sexes, unlike the Bear Archery Finesse. Its quick adaptability also keeps it upfront to be the number one choice, even compared to the Threat RTH.

Finally, we can also conclude by saying that, no matter the size or strength or your skill level there is always a professional-quality option of a bear compound bow waiting for you out there. The manufacturers are one of the best in their production, and have proven their value over the generations.

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