The Three Best Inexpensive Compound Bow Options

Best Cheap Compound BowCompound bows are new technology in the games of archery and hunting. Their design was patented in the end of the 1960s, by one Holless Wilbur Allen, Jr. However, the technologies are still being improved. Each year, a more powerful or more easily used model presents itself to the market. So, while you’re searching for the best inexpensive compound bow, let us help you!

Here at ScopesHQ, we’ve already taken a look at great deals on compound bows. However, it’s about time for a refresher. We will again mention what is unique about compound bows. Also, we will mention what to remember in searching for a compound bow. We’ll end with introducing you to updated picks for best inexpensive compound bow.

What’s Different About Compound Bows

Compound Bow Design

The compound bow is unique in design. It consists of a pair of limbs, a string, and a handle, just like typical bows. However, the compound bow is also an impressive collection of pulleys. This system of pulleys is used to render these bows more energy-efficient. They lose less energy in the limbs than typical bows while firing. Thus, compared to recurve bows or longbows, compound bows fire faster at the same draw weights. Also, they are often adjustable, unlike longbows.

Readiness, AKA “Let-Off”

Compound bows also cut down the maximum draw weight at a full-draw. Using “eccentric” cam systems, these bows provide a way to reduce the holding weight of their fully-drawn positions. In other words, compound bows are easier to hold in fire-ready position, than say a crossbow. This feature is referred to as “Let-off.” The amount of reduction in draw weight varies, but you often only hold 1/5 to 1/4 the bow’s rated draw weight while at full-draw.

What To Consider When Buying Compound Bows

When buying compound bows, consider their price, draw length, manufacturer, draw weight, and adjustability.

Draw Length – Take care to note how far you can draw back a bow. You should make sure the draw length is comfortable for you. You can find out what draw length is appropriate for you by entering your wingspan on this page and pressing calculate.

Draw Weight – Along with draw length, you should note how much of a draw weight you can handle. This largely depends on who is using the bow, and varies greatly.

Manufacturer – There are several different types and manufacturers of compound bows on the market. Some are for professional sports while others are for recreational activities such as target practicing and hunting. Precision Shooting Equipment is the only company that has survived and can manufacture compound bows with the original patent. However, several other companies produce quality compound bows.

Adjustability – Many compound bows have adjustable draw weights and lengths. This said, don’t feel too discouraged if you start off to high or too low in draw weight. If you have difficulty adjusting the draw weight yourself, your nearest archery store can usually assist you.

Our Choices for Best Cheap Compound Bow

As we’ve done before, we’ll take a look at some great options here. The best compound bows (in our opinion) below.

SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow Review

The SAS Siege 55 lb 29”’ Compound Bow has some incredible features that make it the best crossbow for the money. First and foremost, this crossbow features a draw length of 29”, 41.5” axle to axle, 206 FPS. Apart from this, this crossbow also has a strong limb that is layered and can draw weights of up to 55lbs. Back pivoting limb pockets are used for the purpose of providing support to the limbs. This provides strong connection and rigid tolerance which enhances the accuracy if the crossbow. It is a great bow with great speed and amazing features.


  • Durable limbs
  • A bow sight that can be adjusted
  • Right hand use. Great for most people
  • Fast
  • Safe for even those who have never had experience using one
  • Affordable


  • Might not be easy for some beginners to use

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

The SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow is also among the best cheap crossbows you will find in the market. This crossbows features ABS limbs that are compressed to enhance durability, a draw length of 26-30 inches, draw weight of 55-70 lbs, net weight of 4.4 lbs and a speed of 270 feet per second. It offers excellent performance and has great accuracy. It is a great item for archers who wish to have a crossbow with greater speed.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Solid bow
  • Affordable compared to most bows in its class
  • Impressive performance
  • Light


  • The only disadvantage of this bow is that it might not be very easy for beginners to use especially when they are trying to shoot right.

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow

This Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow is also among the best value crossbows in the market today. This is an excellent crossbow if you are looking to improve your performance. It is made of high quality aluminium metal, has Max-Preload Squad Limbs that have been proven to be very strong and durable and a grip design that is advanced in order to eliminate any kind of hand torque thereby improving accuracy. Apart from this, it has: 12-30” draw length, a weight of 3.6 lbs, 6.5” brace height and 32” axle to axle.


  • Excellent performance
  • Great draw length
  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Great Design


  • Might be too complex for beginners


In conclusion, compound bows are very different from standard bows. They differ in design, readiness, and projectile. Since compound bows are more complicated than longbows, it’s very important to know the different things you need to look for when purchasing a compound bow for the first time. This will enable you to get the best cheap compound bow available.

The products above are suitable for different types of customers. The SAS Siege 55 lb 29”’ Compound Bow is great for the customer who is looking for affordability, SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow is great for customers looking for improved speed, and the Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow is perfect if you’re looking for a bow that will greatly improve your performance.

All in all, these three items are very affordable and will give you a great experience for a long time since they are very durable.

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