The Best Long Range Rangefinders

Helping folks in their attempts of “keeping a safe distance,” long-range rangefinders can determine distances of objects a mile away or further. They are invaluable to hunters and are remarkable tools to have. While searching for the best long range rangefinders, you should keep in mind not only the maximum distance they can estimate, but also the accuracy of their measurements, near and far. Here are some of what we consider to be the best long range rangefinders on the market.

What to consider when buying

Let’s rehash some of the key points to look for when comparing your options. I’d like to point out object recognition, especially when looking at long range rangefinders. This is the ability of the rangefinder to avoid measuring a tree that is in your way, while having the target further away behind it. Accuracy does differ between these options.

  • Optics Clarity (HD)
  • Durability
  • color
  • Size
  • Max distance
  • Object Recognition
  • Brand
  • Price

Long Range Rangefinder Reviews


Bushnell Tactical 202421 Elite 1-Mile ARC


The first Bushnell Elite Tactical family laser rangefinder features the second generation turbo processor, which quickly acquires distances from 5 to1,760 yards within +/- 1/2-yard. Basically it has high end technology that allows for precise measurements without much error. It has a Selective Targeting System that provides multiple  modes based on the terrain you will be using it in.

The object recognition on this one is good, so if you want to distance that boulder in the middle of a herd more than half a mile out, this one should manage nicely. It’s 100% waterproof with fully multi-coated optics. This unit also features a rubber armored twist-up eyepiece, built-in tripod mount, and Bushnell’s Money Back Guarantee.

  • 7x Magnification
  • Up to 1,760-yard range
  • High speed
  • 7x magnification enhanced with Vivid Display Technology (VDT) to dramatically improve contrast, clarity and light transmission
  • 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.)
  • ARC (Angle Range Compensation) Rifle Mode – provides bullet-drop/holdover in CM, IN, MOA & MIL.
  • Built-in tripod mount compatible with magnetic attachment system
  • Rain Guard HD lens


Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Yard Graphite Rangefinder


This can see reflective targets up to 3,400 yards (2 miles!) and deer at 1,200 yards, the Sig Sauer Kilo is quite impressive! It manages 4 updates per second in its hyper scan mode, and has an inclinometer that helps calculate distance for angled shots. The display automatically adjusts intensity based on certain lighting conditions, though it can also be manually adjusted if you so desire. Overall, it’s perfect for the long-range hunting fans!

  • Imported
  • Range over a mile (results displayed to the nearest 1/10th yard)
  • dsp Technology
  • 4x per second refresh rate
  • Auto light adjustment setting
  • AMR compensation


Newcon Optik LRM1800S Laser Range Finder


One of Newcon Optik’s newest laser rangefinder monoculars, the LRM1800S features a true measurement range of 1,800m (NATO standard target). It is marketed to border patrol, law enforcement and other professionals tasked with perimeter control, and for good reason. This device is quite an optical engineering feat!  Nearly 2000 yds might be a little over kill for some, but keep in mind that these can also serve a dual purpose.  It’s possible this might work for you with bird spotting as well.

  • This Item Includes: Carrying Case – Neck Strap – User’s manual – Warranty card
  • Magnification: 7X
  • Beam divergence: 2.0 mrad
  • Objective lens diameter: 25mm
  • Field of View: 8 Degree


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