The Best Rangefinders Under 100 Dollars

Update: Please verify the prices for each product as they may be over $100.00 at times.

Whether you’re strapped for cash, looking to buy additional gear, or just want to see farther for less, there’s a rangefinder around $100 for you (prices are subject to change, so please verify first)! We’ve dug deep into the internet in our search for the best rangefinders around 100 dollars, and we’ve ended up discovering two of the best-value optics solutions out there (as well as one really close runner-up to consider). Happy spotting!

Our Picks for Best Rangefinders Under 100


Visionking Rangefinder6x25 Hunting Golf Rain Model


600-meter rangeVery durable and with three use modes, the Visionking Rangefinder6x25 Laser Range Finder can switch between treating golf flags or fauna as priorities in its distance calculations. Eye-safe laser pulses rapidly measure distances anywhere from 15 to 600 meters with high accuracy, and it possesses a 6x magnification like the Halo model. It places second in our list here.

  • Hunting/Golf/Rain model,can be used for hunting or Golf
  • Camo color
  • Compact and light weight
  • Power Source: CR-2 3V (Not included in package)

Honorable Mention:

Simmons 801600 Volt 600


Coming in at a little over our 100 Dollar mark (at the time of review, prices due vary) is the Volt 600 4 x 20mm Vertical Rangefinder from Simmons. While not in our top under 200 and not in our top under 100, this rangefinder definitely deserves some recognition. Simple to use, its 4x magnification and clear optics will help ensure its accuracy up to 600 yards.

  • 4 X 20mm Vertical Rangefinder
  • 10-yard-600-yard Range
  • +/-1-yard Accuracy
  • 1-button Operation
  • Measures In Yards Or Meters


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