The Best Rangefinders Under 200 Dollars

Update: Please verify the prices for each product as they may be over $200.00 at times.

Feeling like splurging on yourself? Have you determined that lower-priced and higher-priced rangefinders are just not hitting that “value” sweet spot? You might want to consider one from the list of our best rangefinders under 200 dollars. These are definitely more capable than some of the more budget-driven items, but also more affordable than top-notch rangefinders. After searching for the best middle-of-the-road options, we’ve made the following list in hopes you’ll find what you’re looking for.

At the time of this writing, all of these models were below $200, please make sure to verify this before purchase as all items prices are subject to change.

Our Picks for Best Rangefinders Under 200 Dollars


Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition


With a simple one-button operation and high-quality optics, the Bushnell Michael Waddell Rangefinger is a great find. It is accurate up to 600 yards, it is rainproof, and the 9V battery is actually included. It was guaranteed to make it on our list of the Best Rangefinders Under 200 Dollars.

  • HD clarity
  • High Quality Construction
  • Sleek design
  • Single button operation
  • 600 yd range for precision display
  • Great in low-light situations
  • 4x 21mm
  • Realtree Xtra camo


Nikon 8397 ACULON


The Nikon 8397 ACULON rangefinder is ultra-compact, and offers continuous-measurement mode for 20 seconds as an area is scanned. It automatically picks up the furthest target in a group, in case your target happens to be obstructed by foliage.

  • Compact
  • 1 yd interval display
  • Single-button operation
  • High Quality Object Recognition
  • Best light transmission in class


TecTecTec ProWild (Camo)


The TecTecTec ProWild Hunting rangefinder is definitely for those whom love hunting. Its small, durable, water-resistant frame is easily carried on any hunting trip. While only approved to measure up to 540 yards, the product prides itself on its continuous scan mode accurate to +/- 1 yard.

  • Advanced Speed Technology
  • Water Resistant
  • 1 yd measurement accuracy
  • High quality Multi Layer Optics
  • Carrying case, battery, strap, cleaning cloth
  • compact and lightweight


Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray Z6X 600


The Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Laser Range Finder sports 6X magnification, 600-yard distancing, and a scan mode. It is also water resistant like some previously mentioned models. This rangefinder, however, also accounts for slope using a special AI slope accounting technology. It comes with a nylon pouch, but not with the required CR2 battery.

  • Scan Mode
  • 600 yard range capability
  • 6x mag
  • 1 yd increment
  • Adjusts for Slope


LaserWorks LW1000SPI Hunting Golf,Fog measurement,Waterproof Camouflage


As we continue in our list of the Best Rangefinders Under 200 Dollars, The LW1000SPI sports amazing accuracy at incredible distance. With powerful optical 6x magnification and transparently clear lens, it provides a very close feeling to your target. It can also measure speeds of targets and is waterproof. It also weighs in at a mere 152 grams.

  • Up to 1000 yd Range
  • Optical 6x mag.
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic Design


Nikon 8398 ACULON, Xtra Green


The Nikon 8398 ACULON Laser Rangefinder, like the 8397 model mentioned earlier, is super-compact and has features identical to its sister model. It’s the newer model, but not much different. It is not waterproof, but is water resistant.

  • Compact Design
  • 1 yd increments
  • Single Button Operation
  • High Tech Object Cluster Recognition
  • Multi Layer Optics


Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder with Arc, Matte Black


With an easy-to-hold, easy-to-use one-button design, the Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder is similar to other rangefinders in its price range. What sets this rangefinder apart is its performance in acquiring darker or more difficult targets to distance. It measures up to 800 yards, with +/- 1 yard accuracy.

  • 800-Yard range
  • Object Recognition
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 1-Button operation


Leupold 120464 RX-650 Micro


The Leupold RX-650 reliable distances reflective surfaces up to 650 yards away. It features a fully multi-coated lens, 6x magnification, scan mode, and fast-focus. It’s small, it’s light, and the battery is included. It also managed to be the final entry in our list of Best Rangefinders Under 200 Dollars.

  • Compact easy to Carry Design
  • High Quality Construction
  • Wide field of view
  • Waterproof design


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