Black Powder Shotgun Shells

Black Powder Shotgun ShellsBlack powder shotgun shells are shotgun hulls that use a chemical explosive known as black powder. Black powder is one of the earliest forms of explosives for use in firearms, and it is composed of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. Each of these compounds has its own role to play.


Potassium nitrate, commonly referred to as saltpeter, is the most important compound in the mixture. This is because it provides the oxygen that is needed to burn the other ingredients. In order to reduce the chances of accidental ignition, the potassium nitrate granules are usually coated with graphite. Potassium nitrate makes up about 75% of the total weight of black powder.


This compound acts as the fuel in the black powder shotgun hull. Though it is simplified as Carbon (C), it is not pure carbon. Therefore, its auto-ignition temperature is much lower. Charcoal makes up about 15% of the total weight of black powder.


Sulfur also acts as a fuel for the shotgun cartridge. However, it lowers the temperature that is required to ignite the black powder. It therefore helps to increase the rate of combustion. Sulfur makes up about 10% of the total weight of black powder.


Black powder hulls are commonly used for:


– Sport shooting

– Clay and trap shooting

– Historical war reenactments


1. Individuals with the right ingredients can easily make their own shells. One can easily get the ingredients from chemical supply shops.

2. They are highly explosive. Therefore these shells are perfect for hunting and sport shooting.

3. For shooters who enjoy sport shooting, the recoil, the loud noise and the scent of burning black powder makes these shells a lot of fun to use.

4. They are quite powerful and accurate enough for sport shooting. And also can be transported using a standard shotgun shell caddy.

5. The shells are quite cheap to buy.

6. They are great for nostalgic purposes. This is the reason why they are so popular during historical reenactment events. A lot of people who use these shells attest to the fact that they feel different from other forms of shotgun ammunition.

7. Black powder guns are not as regulated as other guns. Therefore, the process of owning and using these shells is quite simple.


Though black powder shells were used a long time ago, they are still very popular today because they remind people of a gone era. They are cheap and easy to make, and they are mostly used by shooters who are nostalgic and who would like the feel, noise, and familiar fragrance of black powder in the air.

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