How to Choose the Right Compound Bow

All compound bows display several similarities regardless of their names, brands or manufacturers, draw length, axle length, brace height, size, and draw weight. In our discussion, we will look at the primary qualities every beginner should consider when making their compound bow choice.

Top 3 Bow Sights for Hunting and Archery: A Detailed Review

Bow sights are small instruments mounted on your bow to help in aiming the arrow. Simply put, they function as a sighting device. These gadgets are attached to the riser of your bow and have a small ring with axes or points on them. Their function is similar to that of a bead on a rifle barrels end. This article will cover what qualities make good bow sights, as well as several top rated bow sights.

Understanding Compound Bow Draw Weight

A general rule of thumb in archery when it comes to equipping yourself is to get a bow with the right draw weight. For the uninitiated, draw weight refers to the amount of force an archer will pull while drawing the bowstring to its full range of motion. It is usually measured in pounds. Getting the right draw weight is important because this has a direct impact on your accuracy and ability to handle a bow without struggling.

Best Recurve Bows for Hunting: 2018 Reviews

Although the level of technology is not as advanced as that used in compound bows and crossbows, a large number of archers still choose to use the recurve bow in hunting, target practice and sports competitions. Due to high demand, some established manufacturers include recurve bows in their line of production. There is a wide range of modern, traditional, specialty and custom-made recurve bows from which to choose. They come in various makes, models and in different prices. Here, we'll try to help you find the best recurve bows for hunting.

Archery for Beginners: A Step By Step Introduction

It’s quite uncommon to see people carrying such gear walking around town. There was a time, though, where almost everyone in a village knew how to use a bow and arrow to hunt. Since we don’t exactly need to hunt for food these days, when someone tells you they’re an archer, you’re bound to take a step back and wonder what their last name is. Archery simply is not a conventional sport for everyday people. And sometimes, people who are thinking of taking up archery have the mentality that this sport is for the upper class.…...