Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow Comparison

While there are several types of bows available for archery, the most commonly used ones are the compound and recurve bows. If you are a beginner looking for your first bow, any research you conduct will likely help you make an informed choice on whether to go for a recurve or compound bow. Both bows are great in their own right. Here we'll give a compound recurve bow comparison, seeing what makes each bow type unique. For instance, the recurve bow has a simple design that makes archery easy and lots of fun for beginners. Compound bows, on the other hand, are considered the most accurate bows ever made. They are, therefore, the perfect fit for anyone looking to stick with archery. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each bow type, as well as the differences between the two bows, is your best bet of making the right choice for you.

6 Recurve Bow Brands You Should Know About

Recurve bows, like traditional longbows, have been around for a long while. As time has passed, a number of manufacturers have begun to shine in recurve production. Some brands sport rare, exotic wood construction. Others may champion top-quality craftsmanship or technologies. Still others are happy to provide you with the best deal. Regardless, there are a few recurve bow brands you should be aware of.

Best Recurve Bows for Hunting: 2018 Reviews

Although the level of technology is not as advanced as that used in compound bows and crossbows, a large number of archers still choose to use the recurve bow in hunting, target practice and sports competitions. Due to high demand, some established manufacturers include recurve bows in their line of production. There is a wide range of modern, traditional, specialty and custom-made recurve bows from which to choose. They come in various makes, models and in different prices. Here, we'll try to help you find the best recurve bows for hunting.

Best Cheap Recurve Bows on the Market: 3 Options

Introduction to Recurve Bows The recurve style bow is one of the oldest styles of bows around. Dating back to the ancient Mongolians, recurve bows were the weapon of choice for much of Asia as well as Roman imperial archers during the Middle Ages and the great wars therein. Due to its simple design and readily available materials, the recurve bow is alive and well to this day. The recurve bows of ancient times were generally made of many different materials laminated together, including wood and horn. While the structure of the modern recurve bow is the same, the materials used are a bit different.…...

Recurve Bow Hunting: 8 Tips to Know

The recurve bow seems to have been invented by Mongolian soldiers to allow them to shoot from the back of a horse. The bow was short, and it allowed the soldiers to shoot from both sides. Since that time the recurve bow, although mostly the same, has gone through several improvements. We will outline a few advantages that you can use to improve your recurve bow hunting skills.