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Stealth, silence and tracking are all skills needed when using a crossbow. While this type of hunt can be a bit challenging, it can also be that much more rewarding(turkey hunting anyone). If you’re new to the arrow style hunt, you’ll quickly notice that choosing the right crossbow scope might be a little trickier then it would be on a firearm. Not to say that other weapons are simple in this regard, but in the crossbow scope hunting world, there isn’t a clear answer as to which method or option works best. For example, combat shotguns will either have a reflex sight or a “ghost ring” aperture sight, while sniper rifles will prefer a 4-10x variable scope (not counting extreme ranges). Crossbow scopes on the other hand depend greatly on the weight of the bow and/or arrows, the type of the hunt, user skill level, and comfort preferences.


Crossbow scope types

Single Multi
Red dot single_reddot triple_reddot
Reticle single_reddot triple_reddot


Single vs Multi

In general, single scopes tend to be a cheaper option than their multi scope counterparts. But multi scopes provide additional aiming points for different distances (a unique feature in crossbow scopes, since arrows are affected by gravity a lot more than bullets are). Some people find multiple scopes too distracting. With single scopes you can aim at whatever distance you like, provided you are accurate enough.

If you do decide to buy a single scope, a crossbow optimizer is highly advised, since it will be the only way to properly adjust your scope to the target distance (unless you’re really confident you can hit a target without lowering your aiming point). Some people complain how a three dot scope forms a line instead of three separate dots. This is obviously not the case for the majority of people, but those that find this distracting will opt for the single dot option.

Reticle vs Red Dot

Red dot scopes have the option to make the dot brighter or dimmer, to turn it green or red. They also provide more lighting options. Reticle scopes naturally don’t have those features, but are cheaper and don’t require batteries. And they do provide some low-light capabilities.


Choosing a crossbow scope

Choosing the right crossbow scope depends on several different factors:

  • Range. Typically, you would want a scope that covers more range. It is for this reason that multi reticle or three dot scopes are the most preferred choice. If you’re a fan of smaller game however, you will only need a single scope that functions at a short or mid-range distance. On the opposite side, a certain number of people use a variable scope on their crossbows.I haven’t covered variable scopes in this article and there is a reason why. There is almost no situation where you’ll need to aim at a target more than 50 yards away. Even 50 yards is sometimes a long shot. But I have heard of people shooting at targets 100 yards away. While this may sound crazy for most people, it needs to be noted that a variable scope has its uses on a crossbow, especially if you’re the kind of person that is able to cover large distances. You can also go with a rangefinder to help determine your shooting distance.
  • Size. The problem with the above mentioned variable scope is its size. Variable scopes are bigger and heavier, and that can hinder the hunter. Crossbows are easier to shoot with smaller and lighter scopes.
  • Accuracy. Important to mention, but not much to discuss here. A scope needs to be accurate. End of story.
  • Turkey Hunting with a Crossbow Scope I thought it was important to point out that crossbows scopes for hunting turkey can be ideal. Again you want to keep range in consideration, just the same as when you are using a shotgun, but a scope on your bow will definitely help narrow the gap in terms of a hit or a miss. Keep in mind that trigger control, the use of ground blinds, and the proper use of calls all are essential in capitalizing on your hunt.


It is advised that you try a number of different scopes out before deciding on the right one. This advice is applicable to every weapon, but it cannot be stressed enough when it comes to crossbows.


The Best Crossbow scope for sale


1. TRUGLO Crossbow Scope 4X32 with Rings APG

This crossbow scope falls into the multi reticle category from the diagram above. The reticle design is truly unique and allows for a more accurate shot. It has a decent set eye relief(4″) and a rubber guard on the end for extra protection. Along with these other features is an impressive light balancing lens and very durable exterior. The true love of this scope is in it’s camouflage coating, which ironically you don’t see as frequently as an all black design. This scope will provide you with years of accurate shooting and won’t break the bank either.


  • Camouflage design
  • Efficient lens filtering
  • Weaver type rings included
  • Highly durable w/Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Multi Reticle design



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