Discover the Best Scope for 308 Caliber Rifles

Winchestermodel70 best scope for 308Over the years, technology used for making firearm sighting devices has continued to improve in leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when shooters had to rely on iron sights as their only aiming aids. With the advent of optical scopes, firing rifles with precision has become much easier. That said, what about optics for .308 rifles in particular? We’ll investigate what you should look for in the best scope for 308 caliber rifles.

Why Find the Best Scope for 308 Caliber Rifles?

There are many benefits for using a riflescope, especially if you own a .308 compatible firearm. The .308 cartridge is great for hunting big game and it can be effective up to 300 yards or so. At this range, hitting a deer or other large animal with no sighting aid can be a nightmare, if not impossible. The advantage of having a scope is that it brings distant targets much closer, thus allowing you to make a humane kill. With a scope, your accuracy will improve significantly and taking longer shots will seem easier.

To enjoy the benefits of using optical aids with your 308 caliber rifle, choosing a good scope designed for that specific cartridge is important. With that in mind, check out the brief overview below detailing what you should look for in a good scope that is designed for .308 rifles.

What to Look for in A .308 Scope


  • Variable Power

The .308 is a distance-shooting cartridge. Therefore, scopes designed for rifles that use it should be able to magnify targets from various distances. For example, a 2-9x scope for hunting should be able to zoom in on prey positioned between 100 and 300 yards away and perform exceptionally well. Variable scopes with 20x magnification or less would be ideal for targeting shots at 400-1000 yards. You should select a scope power that meets your needs and the .308’s maximum effective range. In addition, there is a point where the magnification becomes too much and causes the field of view to shrink or poor clarity in low light due to a reduced exit pupil.

  • High Quality Optics

Be on the lookout for.308 scopes that offer coated lenses for protection against glare, as these perform best for long-range target practice or hunting. Other traits that can be considered to offer good quality optics include scratch resistant lenses or a large objective lens. More details on high-quality optics can be found in our articles on binoculars and spotting scopes!

  • Durability

Rifles that use .308 Win cartridges are designed for outdoor use. Therefore, the scope mounted on .308 compatible firearms ought to have a solid construction that is designed to last.

  • Additional Features

Additional aspects you need to consider include reticle type, ease of use, affordable pricing and customer satisfaction from other scope owners. There are many .308 scopes in the market these days, which meet or even exceed these criteria. Choosing the best model can be daunting because of all the numerous choices that are available. However, one great model is the Primary Arms 4-14x44mm scope, which is arguably a top contender for the title of best scope for 308 caliber rifles. Read on to learn more about its features, which you can use as a baseline to compare with other similar models.

Review of the Primary Arms 4-14×44 .308 Rifle Scope

best scope for 308Primary Arms is known for making high quality scopes that tend to be slightly cheaper than what you would pay for most other brand names. Their 4-14x44mm scope uses an ACSS H.U.D DMR reticle that’s calibrated for .308 and .223 cartridges.

Reticle Details

The reticle’s auto range feature helps to compensate for bullet drop, which is important if you intend to hit the range for some long distance target practice. The Auto Range feature works on all angles as well as moving targets. Auto leads feature helps to fit moving targets in the right slot and achieve proper hold over. Lastly, the Auto wind feature holds for speeds of 5-10mph at each range in correlation to bullet drop compensation.

As if these features aren’t enough, the standard Mil reticle on this scope is in the first focal plane. What this means is that no matter what magnification you use, the distance between dots along the cross hairs remains the same relatively to the target downrange.


best scope for 308 reticleNocturnal hunters will love the fact that this scope features an illuminated red reticle with 6 brightness settings. Therefore, it is visible even in low light settings. Elevation and windage adjustments are in 1MIL click values up to 10MILs.

Optics Range

When it comes to optics, the 4-14x44mm PA scope has a lot to offer. Its magnification range of 4-14x is ideal for shooting at distances of between 300 and 1000 yards. Moreover, its 30mm tube and 44mm objective with multi-coated lens greatly improves light transmission. On the other side of the scope, you’ll find a parallax adjustment knob. It is necessary if you will be using more than 10x magnification. What’s more, this Primary Arms scope features an eye relief of 80-82mm and field of view that spans between 7.85 and 27.2 feet at 100 yards.

Smart, Sleek Design

Primary Arms designed this .308 scope with ease of use in mind as well. This can be seen in the scope’s large turrets, which are easy to hold, and light aluminum body that only weighs about 24 ounces. And, for those who care about aesthetics in a scope, this model spots a sleek, matte anodized black finish.


Build quality is an important aspect to consider when buying a riflescope, be it designed for .308 caliber rifles or otherwise. Ideally, you want to go for a scope that can withstand rugged conditions. This is especially true if you intend to mount it on a .308 rifle that will be used outdoors. Primary Arms’ 4-14x44mm scope is designed to be shockproof and water resistant. It will hold up to knocks and doesn’t allow bad weather to get in the way of your shooting results. Since it is so well built, the manufacturer even offers a 3-year warranty. To attach this scope on your rifle, you can use a single piece Warne R.A.M.P mount.


Given the impressive features that Primary Arms’ 4-14x44mm scope offers, it is no wonder why it is one of the best scopes for 308 caliber rifle options. Overall, it is a decent tactical scope for .308 caliber rifles and offers good value for the price.

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