4 Reasons Why Dummy Shotgun Shells Are The Smart Choice


Anyone who owns a firearm or a shotgun and who intends to use it one day should learn how to use it properly. However, instead of loading it with real ammunition, they could practice taking a shot using dummy shotgun shells. The following are some of the reasons why these shotgun shells are the perfect and smartest choice for people who want to practice their shooting.



Though these shells are not as deadly as real bullets, they mimic them in every other way. The dummy shells are similar to real ammunition in weight, size and shape. This way, they can be loaded into the shotgun perfectly, and they can be used for training purposes. The user will be able to fire their shotgun and practice their shooting without the risk of hurting anybody.


Most dummy shotgun shells are made from plastic or metal. They are completely inert, and they do not ignite. This means that they are completely safe to use. Therefore, the owner can load them into their firearm, and fire their shotgun without the fear of hurting themselves or anyone else around them.


Firearms should be handled with care, as there is always the risk that the user can hurt themselves or the people around them. However, with these shells, users can learn how to properly load and fire their shotguns while using relatively safe ammunition. The user can practice various techniques such as one-hand loading, malfunction clearing, and shotgun reloading. Practicing any of these techniques with live ammunition is very dangerous. Therefore, with these shells, the user will always be ready to use their firearm whenever they have to as they will have had enough safe practice.


Since they are made for training, it makes sense that they should be reused several times until the person gets it right. Most options are very durable, and they could last the owner for years. Plastic shotgun dummy rounds are quite cheap, and they are more likely to become damaged faster. However, metallic ones can be more expensive but they are made of a higher quality material. They are more likely to serve the user for several years.
Individuals who own a gun should get themselves a set of dummy shells so that they can practice how to use their guns safely from the comfort of their homes. This way, you will feel comfortable when handling your shotgun. Practice makes perfect and there is no room for mistakes when handling weapons.

Best rated shells:

1. ST Action Pro Pack Of 20 Inert 12 GA 12GA Gauge Shotgun Orange Safety Trainer Cartridge Dummy Ammunition Ammo Shell Rounds with Brass Case


  • Pack of 20 – These Trainer Cartridges are Inert and Used for Training and Instructional Activities.
  • Developed for Military and Law Enforcement Use – Brass case with ABS Plastic Insert Makes the Round Highly Visible.
  • Popular with Many Departments and Agencies for Use In Immediate Action Training for Just That Reason.
  • Excellent for Classroom Training, Loading/Reloading Drills, Gun Handling Drills, Malfunction Drills and Diagnosing Shooting Problems. Each Round Uses A Solid Brass Case So There Is No Chance of Rim Breakage.
  • Ultimate Arms Gear Designed by ST Action Pro.


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