In Search of a Sling Shot Bow for Sale? Look No Further!

In Search of a Sling Shot Bow for Sale? Look No Further!

A sling shot bow, or more simply, a sling bow, is a radical new design on the bow and arrow market. Are you looking for a sling shot bow for sale? First let’s take a look at what sling bows really are.

What is a Sling Shot Bow?

sling shot bow, sling bow for sale - diagramEssentially, it looks like a standard, old-school sling shot with an added “whisker biscuit“. These simple arrow rests mount in between the prongs of the Y-shape frame. All in all, a sling shot bow is just a sling shot with a few modifications and room for accessories that allow it to shoot arrows.

Some important things to look for when looking into sling shot bows for purchase include handle and grip ergonomics, band strength, frame design, draw grip and wrist support. The handle and grip ergonomics are purely individual; choose what feels good for your hand. You want to be able to firmly grip the sling shot bow and be able to fully draw the band while still maintaining control of the sling shot bow.

Band strength is arguably the most important aspect of a sling shot bow. Because the bands are rubber, drawing them over and over can wear the bands out. It is important to make sure you have a good quality band. Also, carefully monitor it for signs of wear over the lifetime of your sling shot bow.

Sling Shot Bow Accessories

The frame design of the sling shot bow comes in to play if you are wanting to add any accessories like a wrist stabilizer, fishing reel, or whisker biscuit. All sling shot bow frames will be a traditional Y-shape. Though take care; different qualities and styles can make additions easier or more difficult. A wrist support or stabilizer is an accessory that can be added to a sling shot bow. However, it often comes standard on many sling bows. Essentially, a wrist stabilizer provides the counter pressure on your arm when drawing the sling shot bow to maintain a straight and even draw.

There are a few different accessories available to upgrade and customize your sling shot bow. What you use is dependent on what kind of shooting you want to do with the sling shot. A whisker biscuit is a device that mounts in between the Y frame prongs and has inward facing bristles in the shape of a doughnut. The purpose of the whisker biscuit is to provide an area for the arrow to pass through in order to straighten out and stabilize it for flight. Another accessory used to provide stabilization can be attached or sometimes comes already attached to the rubber bands. Basically a pull tab, it provides a center point for you to draw from and be able to grip the arrow without actually touching it. The tab makes it easier to achieve full draw and maximize stability.


Sling shot bows can be used for a few different things, but because of their relative inaccuracy and lack of power, should be left at home for hunting bigger game like deer or turkey. You can attach a fishing reel to your sling bow and, with the proper arrows, can do some bow fishing! Also with the proper arrows, small game hunting like squirrels or rabbits are great sling shot bow activities. Target shooting with a sling shot bow is a fun past time and a great way to build up your draw strength.

Product Reviews

The following reviews will provide detailed descriptions as well as weigh the benefits and drawbacks of two models of standard sling shot bows and one “Pocket Shot”. As with any sling shot or other projectile launcher, safety is key. These products are not intended to be toys, nor to be used by children without the supervision of an adult.


Bowtactix Compact Lightweight Highpowered Hunting Slingbow

This compact, lightweight and versatile sling bow is a great starter model. It features a plastic pistol grip handle and a sturdy Y frame design that includes a whisker biscuit. The whisker biscuit can also be removed with an Allen wrench to convert the sling shot bow into a regular sling shot to shoot pebbles or steel balls. The high strength bands can be shortened to provide a higher velocity shot.

The pouch (where the bands attach and the draw is made from) has pre-drilled holes for the attachment of a D loop pull tab and an arrow knock. As a good starter sling shot bow, this product does not play well with accessories. There is no way to attach a fishing reel for bow fishing or even a wrist stabilizer. The lack of accessory availability could be a deal breaker for some when it comes to purchasing a sling shot bow.

Pocket Shot

The Pocket Shot is a completely different take on the sling shot bow. Designed as a plastic ring with a rubber pouch inside, the ring is held on to while the rubber pouch is pulled back, much like drawing a sling shot bow band. When released, whatever object was in the pouch, exits at a high velocity.

A great benefit of the Pocket Shot is its size. The pouch collapses into the center of the Pocket Shot and with a screw of the included cap, the Pocket Shot is only 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches. Living up to its name, the Pocket Shot stores nicely in a pocket, tackle box, or backpack. With its cap on, the Pocket Shot is water-tight and can even hold its own ammo.


The Pocket Shot specializes in shooting metal bb’s, even up to two or three at a time. When fully drawn, the Pocket Shot can shoot metal bb’s upwards of 350 feet per second. The pocket shot is great for target shooting as well as some small game hunting. It’s perfect for critters like squirrels, rabbits, snakes or birds. Even though the Pocket Shot may look like a toy, I assure you it is not. Any projectiles traveling at 350 feet per second are deadly. Do not shoot at or in the direction of a person.

Affordably priced, the Pocket Shot is a great little investment for some fun target-shooting or even small game hunting. Additional pouches can be purchased if a hole develops from use over time.

Using the Pocket Shot for Arrows

Using the Pocket Shot Arrow Cap, you can turn this little BB-shooting bag into an arrow-shooting bag. It is a screw-on attachment and allows arrows to be shot at about 140fps. This isn’t too shabby, but it’s nowhere near the 350fps you’ll see with a crossbow. Also note that this is a separate item and does not include the Pocket Shot itself, nor does it include arrows.

Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot

The Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot has a classic sling shot look and feel with a nice rugged element making it perfect for hunting, camping, survival aid and target shooting. As the name suggests, the Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot provides the timeless Y design, allowing for a minimalistic approach to a classic tool. On the handle of the Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot, it is wrapped with a survivalist necessity: parachute cord. This is a great included accessory that makes having this sling shot in your bag not only fun, but necessary.

The design of the Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot is impressive in the fact that it is fully capable of accepting a great number of Montie Gear attachments. These provide the shooter with maximum aid when looking to hunt or target shoot. An arrow rest, whisker biscuit, and wrist stabilizer are just a few of the accessories. Montie Gear makes this sling shot totally customizable. This sling shot is very compatible with a variety of other high performance bands as well. Even in a pinch, a bicycle inner tube will work as a band.

Using the Y-Shot for Arrows

While the primary designed use for this sling shot is to shoot metal bb’s or ball bearings, install the arrow rest and you will be shooting arrows in no time. The Montie Gear Arrow Rest for Y-Shot is a fantastic accessory that installs on to the sling shot in under a minute. The simplicity is quality and does not get in the way of your normal shooting grip or draw. This is a fantastic sling shot bow capable of all types of activities and durable, to boot. The aluminum frame will hold up against any beating you can give it.

Which Sling Shot Bows for Which Purpose?

When in the market for a sling shot bow it is important to know what you are in the market for. It is important to know what exactly you will be using your sling shot bow for. Between hunting, fishing, and target shooting, there are a plethora of ways to use a sling shot bow. What you expect to be doing most should drive your purchase of the sling shot bow.


For the novice sling shot bow shooter, whether it is target shooting or hunting, I would suggest the Bowtactix Compact Lightweight Highpowered Hunting Slingbow. This is a basic sling shot bow that comes with a whisker biscuit. Often they include the ability to add a pull tab on the draw band. The whisker biscuit can be removed if the shooter decides to shoot pebbles or bb’s. A very versatile sling shot bow, the Bowtactix Compact Lightweight Highpowered Hunting Slingbow is a great starter for the person trying to get into sling bow shooting.

Target Shooting

If most of your sling shot bow shooting is going to be at aluminum cans or other soft targets, I would suggest the Pocket Shot as the sling shot bow to purchase. It gets down to the nitty gritty of target shooting and the size is wonderful too. Pocket sized, it is ready to go wherever you are going. With the available “professional” grade pouch upgrade, the Pocket Shot is definitely upgradeable and able to get to the next level of shooting objects 350 feet per second.

Small Game

If small game hunting is more your forte, the Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot and it’s Arrow Rest attachment is what you will want to go with. Though at a higher price than the other sling shot bows reviewed, it compensates with its acceptability of accessories. This sling shot bow can be customized and rigged up to make it the best, most lethal hunting sling shot bow available. It also gives you a nice parachute cord included in the handle of the sling shot so you aren’t ever in need of that while out on a hunt.

Final Thoughts

The re-emersion of the sling shot bow over the last few years goes to show that old technology dies hard. With the additions of a fishing reel, whisker biscuits and arrow rests, hunting and fishing with a sling shot bow has never been easier. Whether you will be hunting with arrows, bb’s, fishing with arrows and fishing line, or simply target shooting, the three sling shot bows reviewed in this article are sure to give you the best bang for your buck and not disappoint.

Important Note

As previously stated in this article, sling shots or sling shot bows may look like children’s toys but the should not be treated as such. They should be treated with the same caution you would treat a firearm when using or looking for a sling shot bow for sale. They shoot projectiles, including metal tipped arrows, at hundreds of feet per second and are very dangerous. When shooting a sling shot bow, ensure no one is “down range” of you. Ensure whatever you are shooting at is soft enough to prevent any kind of ricochet. If you follow these simple rules, sling shot shooting will be a fun and exciting past time that will continue on for many, many years to come.

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