Discover the Best Scope for 308 Caliber Rifles

Over the years, technology used for making firearm sighting devices has continued to improve in leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when shooters had to rely on iron sights as their only aiming aids. With the advent of optical scopes, firing rifles with precision has become much easier. That said, what about optics for .308 rifles in particular? We'll investigate what you should look for in the best scope for 308 caliber rifles.

The Best Long Range Scope for Around $100 Dollars

There's always a trade off when shopping based on price. The old adage goes something like this, the more you spend the better the product. Well this axiom doesn't always hold true. We wanted to highlight one of the best long range rifle scopes that sells for under 100 dollars. We will get more into the specifics below, but the CVLife Optics hunting rifle scope 6-24x50 AOE(pictured below) has been a highly rated scope for years and we are sure you will get some very practical and extensive use out of it.