Rubber shotgun shells

rubber shellsRubber shotgun shells are non-lethal rounds that can be fired from shotguns or riot guns. These shells are made from rubber as opposed to lead, and they are fired at a much lower velocity than other shells. They were originally used by the British Defense Force against Northern Ireland rioters. These days, they are used by law enforcement officers to disperse crowds and rioters. They are intended to cause pain and to temporarily disable the individual without seriously injuring them. They can cause hematomas, contusions and abrasions.

Other uses of rubber rounds include:

– Short range shooting

– Animal control

– Immobilizing suspects who are resisting arrest

– Disabling suspects before apprehending them

– Target practice

– Clay shooting and trap shooting

– In countries such as Kazakhstan and Russia, the civil population is allowed to fire rubber shells when defending themselves against an attack.


1. They are non-lethal. Therefore, they can be fired at suspects and attackers without the risk of seriously hurting them or killing them. They help security officers to minimize potential threats without using deadly force.

2. They are effectively used in animal control to momentarily maim and capture stray animals.

3. They are great for target practice. Individuals can use them to practice their aim without the risk of hurting themselves or the people around them.

4. They are reusable. These bullets can be recovered after they have been fired, and reused several times.

5. They are very safe to use. This is because they do not ignite in any way.

6. They can be used by an inexperienced shooter to practice loading and firing. These bullets help to minimize any injuries or fatalities due to accidental discharge. This can be a very beneficial training tool when testing new equipment, such as a shotgun scope.

7. They are perfect for short range shooting because they never break up like other types of shells.

8. They are effectively used for self-defense in countries that have some form of gun control laws. This allows civilians to defend themselves during an attack without the risk of killing or seriously injuring anybody.


Rubber bullets are commonly used by law enforcement officers to control crowds and rioters without using any unnecessary lethal force. They are very effective at immobilizing and maiming the targets. Though they can cause pain and trauma, they rarely ever cause any serious injury or death. They can be stored safely, as they do not ignite, and are quite safe to use. They are therefore the best compromise for individuals who would like to protect themselves without wounding or killing anyone. Still, as with any ammunition, the user must exercise caution and safety when handling these shells.

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