Shotgun Shell Caddy

Depending on the type of gun that you have, and whether you participate in shooting competitions or just want the ability to access your rounds faster, choosing the right shotgun shell caddy can make all the difference. With so many available on the market, and more being designed each year, you should have an understanding of the functionality of these units before purchasing the first one you come across. This guide will help you to understand the differences in each shotgun shell caddy, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

The Backbone Shell Caddy

Considered the twins loading method, with this caddy you have the ability to quickly grab two shells and load both shells into your shotgun much faster. This is extremely important when you are involved in competitive shooting, and even the slightest advantage can yield huge results on the field. Usually included with the backbone shell caddy is belt attachments, so you simply attach to your belt and load. Forget about carrying around individual loaders all over your belt, this caddy is both convenient and efficient.

The Pinwheel Fours Caddy

The Pinwheel Fours caddy holds four shotgun shells and easily clips to your belt for lightning fast loading ability. Simply reach down and grab the unit and load the shells two at a time in seconds. The unique advantage to this type of caddy is that you can either set it up as a twin loading or quad loading station. Completely customizable, you have the ability to create your very own back plates if needed.

The Deuce

This might be a newcomer to the shotgun shell caddy industry, but Taccom definitely came out with both guns blazing. Their Deuce 8up model has been gaining in popularity based on several factors. The first reason that many competitive shooters are recognizing these units as top notch, is the horizontal belt positioning that allows for easy access and release, something not available elsewhere. With two pieces on each shell holder, each shell is virtually nested inside the clips. This allows for a total of 8 shells on one clip. Another reason this shotgun shell caddy is so popular, you now have the ability to go from a two to a eight shell caddy without having to making any modifications.

Before you purchase your next shotgun shell caddy, be aware that there are some new players in the game like Taccom, and take a closer look at some of the advantages they offer compared to the units you currently employ. If you’re feeling froggy, you can even check out Taccoms 12up option as well. Even a small modification like the horizontal mount, allows you to grab the shells more easily without your hands getting in the way.

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