Shotgun Shell Caddy

Depending on the type of gun that you have, and whether you participate in shooting competitions or just want the ability to access your rounds faster, choosing the right shotgun shell caddy can make all the difference. With more being designed each year, you should have an understanding of the functionality of these units before purchasing the first one you come across. This guide will help you to understand the differences in each shotgun shell caddy, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Rubber shotgun shells

Rubber shotgun shells are non-lethal rounds that can be fired from shotguns or riot guns. These shells are made from rubber as opposed to lead, and they are fired at a much lower velocity than other shells. They were originally used by the British Defense Force against Northern Ireland rioters. These days, they are used by law enforcement officers to disperse crowds and rioters. They are intended to cause pain and to temporarily disable the individual without seriously injuring them.

Black Powder Shotgun Shells

Black powder shotgun shells are shotgun hulls that use a chemical explosive known as black powder. Black powder is one of the earliest forms of explosives for use in firearms, and it is composed of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. Each of these compounds has its own role to play, and we'll cover them each in depth here.

About paper shotgun shells

Before shotgun shells that were made from plastic were introduced in 1960, paper had been the most popular material for making shotgun shells. The reason why paper shotgun shells were so popular is because they were much cheaper and a lot easier to make than an all-brass shot gun shell. We'll explain their purposes and advantages here.

Purpose And Advantages Of Bean Bag Shotgun Shells

Bean bag shotgun shells are less lethal rounds that can be fired from a shotgun with the purpose of apprehending suspects. The purpose of these shells is not to kill, but to maim, to disable, and to limit movement. These shells, while less lethal than other shell types such as black powder shotgun shells, can be quite painful. They are used in the following situations...