Shotgun sights

Why use a shotgun sight instead of a scope?

If you prefer speed and a broader field of view over accuracy and long range shots on your shotgun, you need to utilize a shotgun sight. This is especially useful on up close and/ or moving targets, where a scope might be a little tricky to use (like for duck, turkey or deer hunting). As long as you have good eye sight, and don’t try to aim too far, eye strain should not be a problem.


Iron sight

When deciding on what kind of shotgun sight to purchase, people usually tend to lean more on the digital side. In most cases digital is superior, but iron sights still hold some advantages over their electronic counterparts. The first and most obvious advantage is the price. Digital sights are expensive, while the plain old iron sight is free. Well, free in the sense that it’s included in the price of the gun. But even the additional add-ons, like aperture sights, come fairly cheap. Second advantage lies in the field of view. While all sights are designed for optimal field of view, iron sights don’t obscure the target as much as the digital ones do. This is especially true for the “ghost ring” – a very thin aperture sight that offers almost no obscurity in your vision. These are mostly found on combat shotguns. The last advantage is power. Digital sights need batteries. They can also run out prematurely, and you’re left hanging in the middle of a hunt. At the end of the day, while they maybe dated, iron sights are always reliable.


Digital sight

digital shogun scopeNow for the fun stuff. Digital sights can be vastly superior to that of iron sights. Digital sights offer optimal field of view and no eye strain. Red dot eliminates the need for sight alignment. Combine all three, and you get the perfect optical aiming tool for the shotgun. It makes target acquisition that much faster, which is obviously important on such a close range, dynamic weapon that is often used for bird hunting, or in the case of a combat shotgun, urban combat. Digital sights offer numerous other accessories, like filters that improve lighting or fog conditions. A reflex sight is better in terms of price and durability. The holographic sight may have more functionalities (infrared, night vision), but requires more battery power. You won’t see many of them however, since there’s usually no need for high-tech equipment like that on a hunting trip.


Best Shotgun sights for sale (with reviews and specs):

1. Truglo Home Defense Fiber Optic Sight 12-20Ga Green

This is easily one of the best shotgun sights available. It is a cinch to put on and has some very interesting features about it. This is a very economical way to put an extra sight on your shotgun. It works on most 12 GA and 20 GA shotguns, but make sure to check the specs before you buy. It even garners a fluorescent glow about it during daylight use. It is not meant to be used in the dark though!


  • Well built with durable construction and low profile
  • Easy installation and use
  • Built for plain barrel shotguns
  • Fits Most 12-20 GA Plain Barrel Shotguns
  • Truglo Quality


2. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

Even though we are discussing shotgun sights, we wanted to include this particular option as one of the best rifle sights for the price. The versatility of this rifle sight is what is key. It works well with a wide range of weapons including pistols and is typically priced low. It continues to be one of the most highly rated options available.


  • Versatility across shotguns and other rifles
  • Easy installation and use
  • Sleek design with High Quality, Durable Usability
  • 291 g weight and 33 mm aperture
  • This sight can be used with shotguns or rifles while hunting or during target practice. It allows for multiple reticle use and is constructed of lightweight aluminum. It is easy to attach and detach.


3. Bushnell Trophy Red Dot TRS-25 Riflescope 3 MOA Red Dot Reticle, 1x25mm
Rounding out the top three is this sleek looking shotgun and rifle sight. It can be used as a 12 GA shotgun sight or also on a rifle. It’s hard not to look at it and smile. This is no fashion show, but if you’re going to use a high quality optic hunting sight, you might as well look good with it. Bushnell did not spare on this one, with features like a tilted front lens, low weight, and multi coated optics, you’ll be happy you went with this one.


  • Highly Durable Sight built by Bushnell, with Realtree Camo or black finish
  • Only 2.4″ long and weighing 3.7 oz, this sight will allow for easy maneuverability
  • Works extremely well in low light conditions with the use of Amber-Bright Optics
  • Tilted Front Lens
  • Mounts on Weaver Style or Picatinny rail


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