The 7 Best Red Dot Sights of 2018

The 7 Best Red Dot Sights of 2018

Looking for the Best Red Dot Sights of 2016? If you're shopping for a new red dot sight, look no further! We've done the research and found the best options on the market. Here's what we've found, conveniently ordered by affordability. We'll also sum it all up with our choice of the best red dot sight for the money!

Best Red Dot Sight for the Money

With all previous reviews on ScopesHQ considered, we’ve narrowed down the choices to what we feel is the best red dot sight for the money. We recommend the Bushnell Trophy Red Dot TRS-25 3 MOA Red Dot Reticle Riflescope. The performance of this sight in low-level light; the included Picatinny/Weaver mount; its waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof design; and its attractive price tag make this a deal we can’t refuse!

Best Red Dot Sights Under 300 Dollars

When you’re looking for the most features, best designs, and superior performance, it tends to cost a pretty penny. However, don’t let that stop you from finding the best deal on red dots! After staring at the awesome options out there for red dot sights, and after being amazed at the wide variety of options, we finally found one of the most reasonably-priced, highest-performance combinations one could hope for. Be wowed like we were by the Bushnell Tactical ET1X32 Elite!

Best Red Dot Sights Under 200 Dollars

When you have a little more cash to spare (but not that much), or when you want to spoil yourself with a higher-end add-on for your firearm, you might want to consider one of the red dot sights under 200 dollars. These are definitely more capable than some of the more value-driven items, but also more affordable than top-of-the-line red dot sights. After searching for the best options, we've made the following list in hopes it will help in your hunt. Our picks for best red dot sights under $200 include the Burris FastFire, the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec, and the Vortex Optics Sparc II.

Best Red Dot Sights Under 100 Dollars

Whether you're on a tight budget, spent too much on ammo (is that possible?), or simply want the most performance for the least money, there's an affordable red dot sight under $100 for you! We've scrounged around the internet looking for the best red dot sights under 100 dollars, and we've come up with the following steals. We hope this helps you in your red dot sight search! We'll cover the UTG ITA, the Walther PS22, and the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25.