The Best Lighted Nocks for Archery

The Best Lighted Nocks for Archery

Unless you’re a hunting enthusiast, you might not know what lighted nocks are. Lighted nocks have recently gained a lot of popularity with growing technological advancements in the hunting sport. Simply put, they light up your arrows so you may trace their path when fired, even in the dark. Perfection has made them a highly reliable asset today, provided you use the best lighted nocks available.

Why Use A Lighted Nock?

Most people argue that the main merit of lighted nocks is tracing your arrows. As much as this is correct, this is not the main attribute that draws users into using nocks. Many hunters love using nocks for shock placement and determining the impact point. Unfortunately, in some areas they are controversial or even classified as illegal.

However, lighted nocks add to the hunting thrill and give bow hunters a lot to talk about. When properly installed, the lighted nock plugs cannot interfere with your shooting accuracy. Most lighted nocks today carry advanced technologies that increase illumination. They provide the user with a virtual “laser beam” which tracks the arrow as it zooms towards its intended target. The lighted path provides the shooter with a trail that leads to the point of impact.

Looking at your arrows as they zoom in flight till they strike the target is incredible.

Best Lighted Nocks Review

I personally decided to do some research on three nock brands: Lumenok, Nockturnal S, and the 3 piece Light Nocks. Deciding which Nock stands out among the other is not easy. However, when put to the test, their effectiveness is gauged by considering their weight, brightness, ease of use and price. Other features which are considered are their durability, color options, battery durability and level of technology.

1) Lumenok GT Nock

When it comes to name recognition this is the most renowned nock brand in the market. The Lumenok GT simply comprises of two plastic sleeves casings, a battery pack and the nock. The plastic casings exert pressure on its shaft holding the assembly firmly. Metallic loops at the shafts back complete the electric circuit turning on LED when both loops get in contact with the arrow shaft. Lumenok are the only nocks within their test groups that are not indexed. The Lumenok comes in mostly green and red.

Why Use the Lumenok GT Nock?

There are no unexpected surprises when in use. They deliver exactly as advertised. If you love filming your hunts, then this would be an ideal product for your hunting expedition. Losing arrows during hunting will be a thing of the past. They light up impressively and can be spotted in the thickest of brushes and woods.


  • Set up and installation is simplified.
  • Users can easily replace the batteries.
  • They can be visibly seen for over 200 yards.


  • It is not waterproof

2) Nockturnal S Lighted Nock

The Nockturnal S perfectly fits into most standard size carbon hunting arrows. They can also be accommodated by aluminum arrows containing super-UNI bushing. It is effective, yet light in weight, due to the Nockturnal S’s unique design. A string trigger activates the light and is clearly transmitted widely due to the clear plastic construction. The battery can power the nock for over 20 hours, however it cannot be replaced. The Nocks are shock resistant, waterproof and do not require any assembly before installation. The lithium batteries provide over 20 hours of illumination.


  • Blood and water do not interfere with their performance.
  • They are preferred by many hunting enthusiasts for target practice.
  • The Nocks are affordable


  • Users cannot replace the nock battery.
  • Another misgiving of the Nockturnal is how to turn it off.

3) Bowtactix 3 Piece Lighted Nocks

The Bowtactix 3 Piece Lighted Nocks works great in Eaton arrows. The Nock stands out for its simplicity. No magnets or sophisticated functions are present. Throughout the entire trial period they worked out flawlessly, something uncommon with most Nocks. Work perfectly up to 150 yards.


  • You may have already spent a few dozen bucks purchasing arrows, broadheads, and additional accessories. At that point, you may be reluctant to spend more than you have to on lighted nocks. Well, this set is one of the most affordable you can get.


  • After its use, setting it back is quite difficult.
  • Users cannot replace the nock battery.
  • They are also difficult to turn off unless you are familiar with its instructions.

Final Verdict

In my personal opinion, I rank the Lumenok top of every list as a more superior and capable product. With its price tag fitting most people’s budget, it’s my most preferred choice. It can easily be swapped in and out of arrows proving to be very convenient.

Nocks vary, and they may be simple or they may be designed with more functions such as the Lumenok GT. The weight of the Nocks directly relates to the features present in them.

The Bowtactix Nocks are the simplest to use whereas the Nockturnal S and Lumenok require one to be familiar with how they are installed and operated. Most of this devices are capable of staying on from dusk till dawn. The Lumenok and Nockturnal bear advanced technological input when designed and thus cost more.


Generally all nocks deliver when used out in the field. Whether you’re merely sporting or on a hunting expedition, something will need to position your arrows properly. Before deciding which one to purchase, consider which nock best suits your personal preferences. Considering the benefits of using lighted nocks, especially early morning or before last light, there are plenty of reasons to use them.

Ignore any differing opinions as to whether lighted nock users are adhering to the spirit of sportsmanship. Having an easier time finding your arrow in the dark makes evening hunts much more enjoyable! My advice?

If you want lighted nocks, then get them!

Despite the raging debate, one thing’s for sure: lighted nocks are here to stay. Seasoned hunters who have been practicing the sport for many years are continually purchasing nocks in troves, including illuminated nocks. This shows that this accessory is just another part of what makes hunting so unique.

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