Trail Camera Uses: Why Do I Need a Trail Camera?

Why do you need a trail camera? Trail camera uses vary, but their overall goal is constant. A trail camera is a secret camera that is designed to capture footage of wildlife during the day and at night. The cameras are housed in compact weather tight casings and can be strapped to trees or posts. The camera has infrared and motion detection equipment. When an animal walks around the area of the camera the motion detection triggers the camera and footage of anything happening in front of it is taken.

Moultrie Trail Camera Reviews

Moultrie is a company focused on providing hunters, nature enthusiasts, and game management folk the tools they need to do what they love. Besides manufacturing deer feeders and selling hog attractants, they also possess a variety of game cameras and accessories. We've noticed more than a few of Moultrie's trail camera products and found a few worth further review.

Browning Trail Camera Reviews

Browning trail cameras and trail camera accessories are among the best in the world. Their product lines include the Command Ops series, Spec Ops series, Strike Force HD series, Dark Ops HD series, and Recon Force FHD series. That said, their trail camera selection can include subtle differences that you might want to know about before choosing one product or the other. In case you haven't looked yet, we have an article covering trail camera basics on ScopesHQ that will help inform you of what to look for when purchasing a Browning trail camera, or any other trail camera for that matter.

Best Bushnell Trail Camera – Reviews

If you're looking for a Bushnell trail camera, know that the Bushnell value has earned our respect at ScopesHQ. We've reviewed a variety of the brand's products (such as their binoculars, a rangefinder, and a red dot sight), several of which we consider the best bang for your buck. That said, it's about time we looked at a variety of Bushnell trail camera products and compared them to each other.
5 Best Standard and Wireless Trail Camera Reviews

5 Best Standard and Wireless Trail Camera Reviews

Here at ScopesHQ, we've taken a look at what you need to know before purchasing a trail (game) camera. We'll assume you've read our "What To Look For" article and are here because you're looking for some trail camera reviews. All things considered, there is a wide range of quality for trail cameras on the market, and searching for the best camera is anything but simple. Therefore, we'll try to help you out by reviewing some of the best options for both standard and wireless trail cameras.